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We are sometimes asked if we dock their tails.  The answer is NO!  There is no standard for this breed that states the tails should be docked, and when our first litter was born with beautiful white tips on all of their tails, I made the decision NO docking for our Sheepadoodle Puppies!  In many countries, surgical alteration of the natural look of certain breeds of dogs to satisfy the show ring has been outlawed, and it would suit me fine if our national canine registries and show requirements would do the same.  We do still remove dew claws on all of our puppies, however, for safety reasons.  We have since found that many of our buyers prefer natural tails on their Sheepadoodles, so we are pleased with our decision...and so are the puppies! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SHEEPADOODLE PROGRAM.
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Although we have put much thought into our selection of parents for the most desired look of Sheepadoodles, which seems to favor the markings of the Old English Sheepdog, it is unlikely any will stay jet Black & White upon maturity, regardless of their look as puppies.  Please keep in mind, all Old English Sheepdog puppies are born Black & White and Silver/Grey upon maturity.  Likewise, Sheepdoodles may do the same as they mature due to the addition of the strong fading genetics that exist in most colors of the Poodle.   A Black & White Sheepadoodle CANNOT be promised by an honest, knowlegeable breeder. 
Welcome to our Main Sheepadoodle Page! Click Links below for upcoming litters, and scroll further below for our waiting list for litters to be announced in the near future. We began our research into this breed in the Summer of 2009 by thorough study of the Old English Sheepdog breed along with our previous knowledge of the Standard Poodle. Although we did not come up with the idea, we were intrigued with the prospect of such a wonderful blend of two breeds with our already established interest and experience with today's well known Designer Breeds. During our planning stage for our Sheepadoodles, we searched long and carefully to find our wonderful OES stud, Yoggi, fully tested and cleared for Hip Dysplasia through OFA, who joined our family as a puppy in the early Summer of 2010. He has not let us down, as families with his offspring will attest. Since our first litter in the spring of 2011, we have maintained our price of $1200 for all of our Sheepadoodle Puppes, and this remains our current price, male or female. At the time we thought to bring this breed into our program, we were not prepared for the explosion in popularity of the Sheepadoodles only a couple of years later.
We have been aggressive in trying to prepare for our Sheepadoodle program through careful acquisitions and medical/genetic screening on our future parents, which is ongoing as time and resources allow.  Please review our reservation policies below, and please feel free to email us at
See our Listing with We contributed to the general description of the breed for this reputable advertising site at their request. If you make the decision to commit to one of our future puppies knowing the timing for future litters is not absolute, please understand Deposits for our Sheepadoodles are Non-Refundable, but are transferrable to a future litter.
Meet Ellie and Mowgli! Puppies from Yoggi and Cricket, September 2011.  Search them on YouTube and watch them grow!
1. Janet - Male - Deposit Confirmed (Deposit received January 10, 2013) (Will be waiting for a puppy late 2013 (not Kia) or early 2014 litter)
2. Amber - Male - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit received February 20, 2013) (Will be waiting for KIa's litter or puppy in 2014)
3. Quinn - Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit received March 18, 2013) (Will be waiting for a later puppy, possibly Kia's litter)
4. Tess - Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit received May 7, 2013) (Will be waiting for Kia or later litter)
5. Cathy - Female - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received July 1, 2013) (Will be waiting for a puppy sometime in 2014)
6. Jo. - Male - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received July 3, 2013) (Possibly Kia's litter)
7. Patty - Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received July 15, 2013)  (Will be waiting for Kia or later litter)
8. Pat - Male - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received August 5, 2013) (Will be waiting for Kia or later litter)
9. Felicia (welcome back!) -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received August 14, 2013) (Will be waiting for Kia or later litter)
10. Katelynn -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received August 27, 2013)
11. Sarah -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received September 2, 2013)
12. Miriam -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received September 7, 2013)
13. Melinda -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received September 9, 2013)
14. Corinne -Female - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received September 12, 2013)
15. Jen J. -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received September 13, 2013)
16. Lynne -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received September 14, 2013)
17. Stacey M. -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received September 21, 2013)
18. Jill -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received September 28, 2013)
19. Beth D. -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received September 29, 2013)
20. JD -Puppy - Deposit Confirmed! (Deposit Received October 2, 2013)
21. Amy P. - Female - Deposit Confirmed!  (Deposit Received October 22, 2013) (Willing to fly here to pick up puppy personally)
22. Carol - Male - Deposit Confirmed!  (Received October 24, 2013)
23. Sarah - Puppy - Deposit Confirmed!  (Received November 4, 2013)
24. John - Puppy - Deposit Confirmed!  (Received November 5, 2013)
25. Mike & Laura - Puppy - Deposit Confirmed!  (Received November 7, 2013)
26. Keith - Puppy - Deposit Confirmed!  (Received November 10, 2013)
Please email us at or for additional information on reserving one of our puppies and our reservation Policies. Thank you and God Bless!
Kia, our AKC Black & White Standard Poodle, bred to Yoggi.  Puppies Born!  10/31/2013.  It was a long, harrowing delivery that ended in an emergency C-section and Kia being spayed.  Praise God for my wonderful vet and her awesome vet tech that left their homes and families late that evening to meet my husband and I at the clinic.  It was our second trip with Kia that day, but we had thought she was beginning to progress on her own after her first check.  Feeding pups every 2 - 3 hours to help out mom until we are confident her milk is fully in and able to handle all the pups.  Kia has bounced back better than I thought when we left the clinic at 1:30 a.m. considering all she has been through.  She's a real trooper!  Very large litter!  We will announce how many, boys and girls, in a couple of days when we are confident all survivors are out of the woods.  So far, they appear strong, healthy and HUNGRY!  Prayers are appreciated in these coming crucial first days!  Thank you all!  God is Good!  Amen!
KIA AND PUPPIES UPDATE:  1 Week Birthday Today!  Happy Birthday, little ones!   (11/7)  Prayers still needed.  12 puppies still, but I'm not confident everyone is "out of the woods" 100% yet.  Still monitoring closely and supplementing as needed.  A few more than others.  I promise when I believe all are strong and thriving to share individual photos.  I may take another group photo. Kia's recovery is going quite well.  She's enjoying her nice diet of home grown raw ground beef, along with other nutritious goodies!  She's become quite spunky....silly girl.  She's a good mom, but I'm not confident she has sufficient milk for everyone yet.  Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and emails of support.  God Bless everyone! 
Jewel, our AKC Silver & White Sable Parti Standard Poodle is BRED!  PREGNANCY CONFIRMED!   New Daddy, Geno!  Geno's testing is completed with OFA Pre-Lim GOOD Hips, Elbows, Cardiac and Patellars...all Normal!  DUE MID-NOVEMBER!
Jessie, AKC Black & White Parti Standard Poodle, is in heat after resting her last cycle.  She has had two beautiful litters with Yoggi, last litter born January 2013.  Puppies expected mid-late December, Going home February, 2014. 
Blazee, AKC Stunning Brown & White Parti Standard Poodle, is officially in heat! If successfully bred, we expect puppies around Mid- January, 2014, going home March 2014. 
Please review list below of current reservations. All names will be kept in chronological order based on when we received their deposit, including any transfers. A number have transferred from earlier litters born this year, and many have chosen to wait with us until God's timing of our next litter(s). We are grateful to all those who are willing to patiently wait with us and the confidence you have shown us as the breeder of your future Sheepadoodle puppy. We will update promptly has we have further confirmation of upcoming litters.  Please email us if you would like to review our written health guarantee/contract at
Thank you, and God Bless!
For the Love of Poodles and Doodles!